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    New Member from Idaho

    Wendell high school graduated 71 . Car loads of old guys mostly up from Utah it seemed would road hunt . Stop and blast birds with shotguns out the window. Probably had cowboy boots on and never walked. I know this sounds like a stereotype. It WAS REAL ! College after at Boise State, kept...
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    FOR SALE - Garmin Pro 550 Plus Holster (The Saddleguy Model)

    Greg arrived ! Manythanks
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    New Member from Idaho

    Grew up in southern Idaho , looking back I ask myself how did I ever kill a rooster in the 1970’s without a dog. There must have been a kilbillion birds in Idaho in those days 😀
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    FOR SALE - Garmin Pro 550 Plus Holster (The Saddleguy Model)

    Greg I’ll take it? Thanks Dustin
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    Rooster dance

    Ok didn’t get video uploaded !
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    Rooster dance

    I live outside Bozeman Montana in a semi rural area . We have had an occasional pheasant in the neighborhood off and on. Last September on a walk my lab changed direction ,bolting into some cover . There was a family group of 10 -12 pheasants 3/4 grown that blew out in different directions. I...
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    Spaying female bird dogs

    You should do some research. Most females in my reading need to go thru a second heat cycle to develop a full skeletal maturity. If spayed younger some say can lead to acl and joint problems ? Do your own research. There is some controversy.
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    SD in October - IC ok?

    So my question is. You going first week private land? If so I C is probably and an advantage. Last week or so of October, public lane with flushing dogs , you’ll be handicapped IMO
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    northeastern, Montana October 2023 place to rent

    So Sheridan inn hosts lots of hunters, in Plentywood .they usually book near full opening week. They allow dogs. A lot of guys bring rv too. Sidney and Glendive has lots of motel rooms. It’s still dry in north Montana!
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    ISO Dog Box

    So I did talk to him. Perhaps it is still Not right for you. The dog box’s sit into a frameworks , and ride above the bed rails. He also has a slide in the dog boxes sit below the bed rails that he is keeping. I did not understand your NEEDS sorry jim
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    ISO Dog Box

    Where do you live ? Have a friend in Montana wanting to sell a stainless bed mount for pickup? N O idea what he wants ?
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    Went to the Darkside

    Tom hope to see you and Patrick up north on a reunion trip with the pup!
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    Canyon ferry

    Montana is going release up to 50,000 birds this coming year on public lands , starting before the youth opened. I’m afraid money will be diverted from habitat improvements and enhancements, to wind up birds. I have SOME Faint hope it will encourage youth hunters into upland bird lifestyles!
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    New old guy

    Photo looks like a magazine shot! Welcome