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    Am I the only one with birds to eat yet?

    Company coming tomorrow evening to eat the last two- crockpot pheasant
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    Is South Dakota just hype?

    10 birds a day?
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    +++ Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2022 +++

    Quality comes at a cost and quality is what you get at Bobby’s I understood working within a budget as I have many times in my life but there comes a time in your life when your time is worth more than $$. Maybe you would feel better if you realize your cost is $450 not $2700
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    +++ Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2022 +++

    Correct - not a bad gig IF you have a house and put in the time. I don’t so thank goodness for Bobby for sharing his passion. Can’t fault a guy for being a success and if it’s such a great gig why aren’t you doing it
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    +++ Bird Dog Bunkhouse 2022 +++

    Got to look @ what you are getting- private room in a house with full kitchen. Kennel for dog,inside bird cleaning and map of which public ground to hunt and his years of experience & advice on where to hunt which saves countless hours of driving/ hunting unproductive ground or a single room in...
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    It Looks Grim

    In addition to taking a thread political and have it shutdown the thread should also be shutdown due to making 4th grade girl comments and acting like a bonehead Sometimes you just need to consider the source and move in with no comment
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    It Looks Grim

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    What is the best pair of boots you ever owned for hunting pheasants?

    Bean boots are great but when the cable breaks on the BOA system you can’t just replace with new laces
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    Seeing a few broods. Surprised how big they are - roosters are showing some color With grain harvest starting will be getting some reports from farmer buddies
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    Feed my dogs in evening all year long increasing according to activity level. Could never figure the need to feed twice a day
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    Walnut vs Synthetic stocks for the uplands

    So were you expecting some blow back on your dream? We all do it!!!
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    Dates available Clark/Spink County self guided hunt $95/night

    What is the nearest town to your house?
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    Drill/Training Advice for Lab puppy

    Probably needs force fetch tuneup
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    SD atlas- paper copy available?

    I think it comes out Sept 1st