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    Benelli M2 - Problem!

    My franchi did that again yesterday Johnny. I looked at it this time and the hammer was still cocked . In gloves maybe my finger hung through the trigger hole to far and put it back in safe when I fired ? or maybe recoil did it? Didn’t think to even check the safety and see if it was went back...
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    Benelli M2 - Problem!

    Let us know what it was. My franchi ( same bolt and trigger) has done that a couple of times. In the heat of the moment I can’t tell you if it clicked or not. My gut says the hammer never cocked or maybe didn’t catch and followed the bolt back forward. This is my third season with it but have...
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    Good days in Kansas

    That’s a great week share some more details
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    E Collar

    He could get one of those wind chimes and hang it from his antenna or something
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    E Collar

    I think you could do what you need in Kansas with a smart phone and onyx. If you’re getting a started lab I wouldn’t get a collar until after I picked up the dog worked it and talked to the trainer. You might find that a gps based collar or a gps collar that leans heavily towards tracking is not...
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    Chestle if you've never had a problem maybe nothing, mine was a big headache even after several hundred rounds. Its a plus power spring so it just cycles faster and with more oomph. If you've ever had cycling problems and arent going to shoot light- light loads or knocked it out of battery and...
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    Unless I was shooting a ton of 3.5" I'd buy an m2 over a super black eagle. They're discontinued but I think there are still plenty out there. Spend another 30.00 and put a wolffe magazine and recoil spring in it and you're good to go. You could add a wood stock franchi affinity 3 walnut to it...
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    Crane Guides

    If you’re not set on Texas , crane wreckers out of Oklahoma is what a lot of people go with around here
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    This afternoon I was hunting chickens with no luck. This morning I was on a state marsh. I walked a lot but saw 15-20 birds. Pretty wild. The first 2 birds flushed wild but didn’t go far and landed in some pretty heavy cover. I followed them to see if we could flush them again and watched 6 or 8...
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    What’s been going on?

    That sucks.
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    Problem: Loading auto with gloves on

    Johnny there’s places that sell trigger groups that have had the carrier cut down and polished so you get less pinch with an auto loader. I know that there used to be places that did it with benellis and you would send them in your trigger group and they would send you back one that’s already...
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    Field kit + I had a blooper load

    When I took apart my dads shotgun to clean it he had a piece of 12/3 romex wire in it as a plug. I think that would be stiff enough for most obstructions. I’ve got a piece of an old sink snake rolled up in my gun case. Had a few reloads go poof. Sucks you got to unload and check. Actually had...
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    Rainy Day Shotgun Under $500?

    Weatherby element is on sale for 539 at cabellas
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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    I spent this afternoon hunting . Saw a few to a hand full of birds in most of the fields I walked , my wife did get out and walk one with me no gun. Numbers were slightly better than expected . About 20 birds flushed equal number of hens and roosters which surprised me , didn’t think many hens...
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    Lock and Load for the Opener

    Where I’m going I guess they hatched some birds but they think they all burnt up. Didn’t see anything cutting corn or milo and bailed most of their stalks and a lot of their grass. But there ought to be some carryover especially late in the year when they bunch up a little bit.