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    Meet Ms Remi

    At the risk of sounding like a little girl......OMG
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    Are you staying home?

    I'll bet that in the back of most of our minds, there is that fear.... Investments gone...10.00 gas....bread lines... I've always said If wild bird #s come back to good levels, something bad will have to happen to agriculture.... GULP!!
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    Another I really like the looks of is the Franchi Instinct. Love that prince of Wales grip...
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    Are you staying home?

    I can save 200.00 plus and just drive up and Hunt ruffs with you!! But then I would probably just go ahead and go out west anyway. So I'll probably do the smart thing and spend 15 k on a vehicle that gets good gas mpg., then drive twice the distance!! Sounds smart to me!!
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    Cutting Trees (untreated) - Shooters good or bad?

    You can eventually kill the trees by bush hogging twice a year. The trouble with that where I'm from is your habitat will quickly turn into solid fescue. Wich is terrible habitat for almost everything.
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    Matt, that search is so true. Drives my wife crazy. I get more excited than searching for a new ride. Once in a great while, I'll have both near the same time. I be smiling all the way to Kansas!!
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    If you decide to go cheaper there are numerous Turkish built guns. I would stick with the better known ones like, CZ, Mossberg, Maybe the Weatherby.
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    Hard to go wrong with any of the top brands at that price. To me not much difference in quality when you get in your price range. So now its a personal preference. I lean toward the slimmer ones like the berettas
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    New 20 ga over under/ upland and clays

    I've owned several. Depends on what you want to spend. how much weight you want to carry.
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    Bad News Knee

    Yup, and be careful afterwards. The most common problems post-surgery is pushing it or falling. Before this hip surgery, some people told me that they didn't use a walker. I decided as long as I was on pain meds I was staying on it for fear of losing my balance and going down. I got off the meds...
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    Hearing protection

    I have a bean I use for squirrel hunting, but I struggle to figure out direction with it. I can hear pieces of nuts hitting the ground ok but can't hear a squirrel rustling in the dry leaves right in front of me. I miss the insects at night and the songbirds in daytime. My low frequency is...
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Good job on the pic. That one could be framed.
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    January hunt

    I used to schedule a week around a snow and cold weather when I could, I still love those conditions but now days Cloudy and low 40's feel pretty good to these old bones!!
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    White Bass Ruined Crappie Fest 2022

    I have the topwater pdl. They are very easy to pedal. I have more trouble getting it back in the truck than fishing out of it.
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    Hearing protection

    I'm looking for some everyday hearing aids that have the function of shutting down the gunshots. so I don't have to switch back and forth. Any suggestions?