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    Hunting group

    I also live in AZ now. Hunted SD for a few year but now hunt in kansas. the price of the lic for just 10 day and the price that the land owners wanted made it too expensive. besides it is a shorter drive. I have 2 Springer spaniel 8 year old that I hunt with . nice to know somebody in AZ likes...
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    Hunting out by Yuma today 11/28

    let me know how you did. would like to know what it is like. maybe next year I will try. I am in Kansas right now , not seeing a lot of birds
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    2-year-old dog will not pick up pheasants

    I have the same problem with my 7 year old springer. last year he was just perfect but this year so far he will go to the bird but will not pick it up. At home he retrieves the canvas dummy with scent on it with much enthusiasm. do not know what the difference is .
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    GPS collar on a flusher dog

    thanks for all the post. I had not thought of a gps collar for my hard headed springer who some time take off on me in the thick grass. now I think I will look into the Garmin
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    hunting partner

    anyone hunting in the S W kanasa area looking for another to hunt most of my hunting is in the walk in lands have 2 springer that hunt with me wwill in the area till first of Dec.