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    ND 2020 PLOTS guide published

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    Spring Birds

    We had 1.5 inches this week and then .40 last night. Very helpful, exactly what was needed around the Mott and Elgin area.
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    Pheasant Hunters Cabin and Pheasant Report

    Thanks for everyone's patience, think I have replied to all now. We have the last week of October and First week of November left. Again, this is only a cabin to rent, no land access or guiding. We are just a small family farm with a nice place to stay. ND has plenty of opportunities on public...
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    Pheasant Hunters Cabin and Pheasant Report

    Family was able to spend some time doing spring cleaning and painting on the Hunters Cabin. Added some new appliances and a few more amenities. Ready for renting this fall to eager hunters. Lots of birds being seen in the road ditches and fields now. I think the corn coming down this last...
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    SW ND Final Corn Harvest and Winter Report

    Yes, these pictures are from yesterday and not last fall. Final 70 acres of corn will come down today on the 22nd of March. Crazy end to a crazy year. Lots of thermal cover and food available for the pheasants throughout the winter. We had much better conditions this winter as well when it...
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    Home for Sale SW ND Heart of Pheasant Hunting

    Newly Updated home in Elgin ND for sale, Heart of Pheasant Hunting between Mott and Carson ND. 2,300 sft home with 2 bedrooms upstairs and finished basement. Kept in excellent condition, carpets and floors are newly done. Large Shop, newer appliances, full laundry room. New Roof in 2019. $500...
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    Final days of the Season

    Corn and Sunflowers being up thru winter has played a factor in the pheasant harvest for sure... But, as the season gets close to closing we are finding a little more success in adjoing CRP and sloughs. Big, fat, roosters too..
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    SW ND Corn/Sunflowers Harvest Issues Equals Next Years Pheasant Population Increase

    Guests staying at the "Hunters Cabin" this year have witnessed the strange year of corn and sunflowers being up so late due to Sept/Oct weather issues. Much of the corn may not get harvested til spring around ND. This is actually good news long term for the pheasant hunter for two reasons...
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    Youth Opener 5 Oct SW ND

    Nephew got his first rooster on the Youth Opener yesterday. Seeing quite a few young ones, think there are pockets of goodness around. Lots of huns and sharptails.
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    1st weekend of SW ND Grouse and Huns

    Reports we are getting from SW ND (Elgin to Regent) area are that the below report on Shartails and Huns from ND Game and Fish was right. Lots of Huns around and folks got grouse here and there. Last 25 years or so, always seems to be a year about ever 4-5 where populations of Sharptail and...
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    Pheasant Hunters Cabin

    Spent the week upgrading the "Pheasant Hunter's Cabin" Had pheasants crowing in the background as we installed the HDTV Antenna. New windows, front door, pizza oven, picnic table, even added washer and dryer... all the amenities. 6 beds ready to go for the fall. Looks like more Private Land...
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    SW ND: Spring weather and Pheasant outlook

    Back on the farm working new tree rows, doing hand replants in some of our other plantings and getting in the food plots. So far, seeing a surprising number of pheasants. Mornings and evenings full of crowing. Lots of deer, and if the deer did this well thru the winter this well than the...
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    Good news: SW ND Pheasant hunting

    Lots of poor reports, thought some positive news might help. We have been doing quite well so far in SW ND, imagine it will get even better as the crops really start to come down this week.
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    SW ND Farm House for Rent to Hunters

    Recently remodeled farm house that we are renting out to hunters. North of between Mott and Elgin North Dakota. Lots of PLOTS land in the area, we have had good rain and the pheasant population is looking good. Message us if interested.
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    Farm House for Rent to Hunters in SW North Dakota

    Antelope Creek farm house now for rent. Right in the heart of Pheasant country! Between Mott and Elgin North Dakota New insulation, barn wood trim, Foosball Room, gargage for kennels, Sleeps 5-7 guests comfortably. Ready for short term rentals, minutes from Private Land Open to Sportsman...