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    How About The Weirdest, Strangest Thing you've Seen/Experienced While Hunting?

    Was walking the cover along the edge of a cut wheat field in ND. Dog kicked up a bull moose, ignored it and immediately kicked up a rooster that I shot. Bull stood in cut wheat field watching.
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    Supplements for joints

    Same here, only we start the dogs around 8 and give 1 pill a day for the rest of their life. We have used a baby aspirin as a short term fix or aid in the past.
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    I have no problem with being charged more as a nonresident hunter. $100 is a ridiculous bargain. With what I spend on dogs, guns, travel, motels and time not working the $100 fits in the misc category of expenses. I always have believed that residents should have preference in their own states...
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    Shooting High

    Age has squat to do with it. I shot like crap in my 20's and 30's. Than I practiced more and got better, might not hold the scope as steady offhand as I used to, but can swing a shotgun. Yet still shoot hot and cold, but plan on getting better every year.
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    I don't know, not my skill set. But wasn't there something about the spotted owl in old growth forests and whales and wolves, etc. I'm just saying play politics with what draws the attention. Who can't like butterflies, play that card.
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    Guess I didn't express my point real well. State politics have no business being influenced by the nonresident, unfortunately that is not always the case. My real point was that to get more available good habitat and thereby better bird hunting and more land available to hunt might require one...
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    Shooting High

    I shoot hot and cold sometimes in the same day. I do think I rush shots often and I do think that with advancing age my neck isn't as flexible to get down on the stock as well. My wife and I have pretty much talked our local group into getting that new Garmin Aero? the machine that analyzes your...
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    Kansas Trespassing Fee for Private Land

    Not a deer hunter or a farmer, just a bird chaser. Pitting deer hunters against bird hunters helps no one, there are not that many hunters in the US right now. More people live in cities and could care less about one type of game or the other and the big media wouldn't touch hunting with a 10...
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    if you had $2500

    My wife and I both have Berettas, don't remember what they cost, but they are our everyday hunting guns. They have had a pretty hard life and keep on kicking.
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    Could We Have More CRP in the near future?

    Well depends on how you define failure. The USA had 20 plus years of crp grasslands that benefited the land and provided enhanced hunting opportunities, along with pulling some farmers and ranchers back from the brink of insolvency. Was it perfect, hell no, but when is anything perfect. So we...
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    Force fetch

    You do not necessarily need a hunting dog trainer to teach the forced fetch. Many obedience trainers also do it. Was at a seminar once where the instructor force fetched a German Shepard in 4 days. That was 30 plus years ago and was a lot more brutal than I would do it now. But it worked very...
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    Time for a new one. Another lab or a bearded dog?

    My wife and I both hunt and run agility. Standard rule for us is a new dog every 5 years, training one, trialing/hunting one in their prime and having an old warrior for a few short walks. Every so often one or two live till 14 or so and we end up with a whole mess of dogs. Have to count them as...
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    fell through the ice

    Been there, done that and it is no fun. For some reason when you go somewhere that you should really know that you should not go, the roosters still beat you. However you would still do it again, glad you are okay.
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    An IPA that will not disappoint

    I can get behind a good IPA anyday. Will try and find this one next fall when I can again travel the lower 48. On a side note one of the best local ones up here (Sockeye Red by Midnight Sun Brewing) will not be available in cans until after Feb, apparently there is a shortage of beer cans. And...
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    Time for a new one. Another lab or a bearded dog?

    Pick the breeding that you like, not the breed. There are multiple breeds that would fit your loose criteria. Find a breeding with clearances from something that will handle both waterfowl and upland. If you have hunted with a close working lab find a close working pointer or whatever. I agree...