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    Benelli M2 - Problem!

    Ooops read it wrong! Man that sucks. Sounds like something is not resetting in the trigger. If you’ve broke it down and cleaned I’d try just cycling a few shells. If you got some dummy shells try dry firing some.
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    Benelli M2 - Problem!

    Always slam the bolt. Either use bolt release or pull bolt back and let it snap the shell in. I fell once and butt hit the ground hard and jarred bolt loose which cause my next shot to click. Also when I walk through thick weeds or small trees I reset the bolt when I get out to ensure it didn’t...
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    Need Help on Gun Upgrade!

    Shot a Mossberg 500 all my life. Decided to get an auto and went with a M2. It was between that and a Fonchi Afinity. If my wife would have surprised me with the Frochi I would have been perfectly happy too. Bought my daughter a Frochi 20 for first gun later on. Both pull up nice, benelli is a...
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    U.S. Fish and Wildlife burns

    My guess the pasture was never in the farm program or had no base. He needed to farm it to creat a value. He knew it was crap so that’s why he didn’t farm it. His CRP payment where based on grazing prices not farming it
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    Pic six

    I’ll be for team “Goose”! Army surplus camo are the team colors.
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    Pic six

    I just want to see a actual picture of the cast…..The Cousin, The Nephew, Goose, standing next to the truck with beverages in hand!!
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    Lets See Your some pic's

    Got birdy 5 min after sunset and found him a rooster I couldn’t shoot…..🤦
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    Killer traps

    I haven’t bought any of the tools yet but watched a couple videos on how to set and remove game from various traps. I’m gonna go to the store too and put my hands on them. Being calm and sound judgement in an intense situation is priceless.
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    Help with Dilemma?

    DANG!😳 Fo you even like him?
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    Hunted SD opening weekend. Limited out with a fairly large group on Saturday and did ok on Sunday. On Sunday hunted a lot of stripped corn. I feel the numbers are up, I agree that a lot of the birds where young, some barely showing color. I do think the key is water.
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    Been thinking about this all last week getting ready for the opener. Decided on modified. First couple birds saw a lot of feathers explode. As the day went on flushes got farther out. Made a lot of nice long shots, birds dead too, not very many runners. Leaning modified
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    Hen! Hen! Rooster!

    Was practice swinging on a hen this weekend when the guy next to me shot at it, suppose he figured that I was aiming at it so it was a rooster. Same guys, bird flys in front of a bunch of guys with not a single shot, comes in front of me, rooster, easy one for me. Same guys, guy screaming...
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    I’m gonna be a little snarky! I’ve done some patterning. I’ll admit it was more by eye than counting bbs. When I’m in a clump of cain wrong foot forward when a rooster flushes and when I swing my gun it hit every branch am I thinking this shell and choke needs to aim high and right! I just think...
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    Bumper Color

    When I put my orange hat on my dog goes nuts!
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    Semi auto or break action shotgun?

    I’m calling BS on that one! My wife never farts too! 🥴 Prefer the auto but ready for a new challenge. Gonna shoot a few with my new sxs this year. My next bucket list gun is A5 sweet sixteen, those feel and look really nice. Was shooting clays last weekend and fooled around with buddy’s new...