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Hi All, I am happy to report that I have purchased my first firearm, a used .22 LR that I plan to use for squirrel and rabbit. A 12 gauge will follow as I build up to pheasants and turkey. Does anyone on this board hunt for squirrels and rabbit? I have never hunted though have been an outdoors enthusiast my whole life. I want to sort of "pay my dues" with small game before continuing the journey. Would anyone care to join me sometime? Thank you all.



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Squirrel and rabbit hunting can be pretty good (with little to NO pressure) in the mountains and foothills. I don’t know where you live but I have had a lot of late fall/early winter fun hunting mountain cottontails and Abert’s Squirrels, and fox squirrels as well. Abert’s squirrels go through Jan 15 while cottontails and fox squirrels go thru the end of February. You can find fox squirrels along the rivers and creek bottoms primarily in the eastern part of the state. The Abert’s and cottontails you can find in the montaine habitats. Have fun!


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Thank you marshrat. I am getting my hunter safety done shortly and plan to head out in January. I appreciate the info


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Bigred? I'd imagine EVERYONE on this board has hunted squirrels and rabbits.

Some simple precautions if you are going to be hunting alone:

Let someone know where you will be hunting and when you expect to return.

If you will have coverage in the hunting area, bring a phone.

A bottle of water is always appreciated.

Small injury first aid kit doesn't weigh much.

Since no one knows what the weather will be anywhere these days, read up on snow blindness (I've only experienced it once, and that was twice as much as I ever want to again. ) Simple precautions.

Simple fire-starting stuff is light.


and take with you our best wishes for a safe, enjoyable, and educational outing.
There are simple ways to field dress and skin squirrels and rabbits; do a little pre-outing reading.
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I have a small game access permit for the Jumping Cow SWA the weekend of January 19th for two people. Shoot me a PM if you'll have your hunter safety by then and are interested.