Spring Turkey


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Hey Bigredgolf, did you draw or go OTC? Lots of good places around the state to bag a gobbler and its great to see their numbers really improving. What area (approximately) are you heading to?


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I got a tag but it's all the way out in Grand Junction. Will be an adventure. No to mention the fact that it'll be my very first time hunting. I have been doing a lot of research over the last couple years but there's nothing like just jumping in and doing it. Hunter Safety is done, got my guns, and now need to start learning how to work a call. I will happily take any advice that anyone wants to offer. Thanks in advance!


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Awesome. It is a fun experience.

I have a limited tag and will pick up an OTC tag as well.

Don't over call. I tend to do a 30 second call sequence roughly every 5 minutes. If birds are responding and they seem to want more calling then I increase my calling.

Don't move, they will see you. Learn to use a mouth call. Usually when I determine a tom is working his way in I get ready with my gun up and use the mouth call to keep him coming. Also, don't move because many times they will come in quiet. This is another reason that calling every 5 minutes or so tends to work for me, less movement. I swear these birds can pin point the location of a sound from an hour earlier.