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I would like to try sootys but apparently you need to travel to the eastern Sierra to find them. Anyone have any suggestions for places to try?

Last year I took a chance, on a friend's recommedation, and went to Arizona for Mearns. Beautiful country although we only found one covey. Still the trip was very much worthwhile.


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TonyS grouse season is over unfortunately. You don't have to go to the eastern sierra to find them, there are some on the western slope but they're tough (for me at least) to find. I probably spend 20 days a year in the high Sierra scouting and hunting and have only seen grouse once in my neck of the woods, never have bumped any while mountain quail hunting in the 7-8,000ft range. The high elevation of the southern sierra should hold a few, sub alpine lakes are good places to start but the best hunting is up north from Greenville to Lassen NP in the forest.


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Thanks for a somewhat congent reply. I know the season is over. I am looking for places that have that bird. I can find them in the illegal area of ventura county where biologists taking state money says there aren't there, but they are there. the biologists are lying and taking state money.

What I am asking is where they are. Not complicated just a basic ask.

If you can't supply an answer them please don't offer nothing,