Question For Orvis Waxed Cotton Strap Vest Owners


Hi all, I'm looing at this waxed cotton strap vest made by Orvis:

I do have a couple questions, so here goes

1) Are those storage compartments on the shell pouches, if so how roomy are they?

2) Are the equipment loops on the shoulder straps tough enough to hold a Alpha 100?

3) For sizing, does the vest run big or small?

4) How assessable is the game bag?

5) What other storage compartments are on the vest?

Any comments on the vest welcome, good, bad, pro and con.

Thanks all!



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1. yes they can hold set of gloves and a starter pistol, one side and a lead on the other side
2. not sure never tried, but don't think so
3.correct i am xxl and mine fits
4. very easy to reach
5. two water bottle holders one per side in the game bag large enough to hold large water bottles


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I think I was wearing on of these when we hunted together when I was up there 4 or 5 years ago. I have found it comfortable and really like the shell pockets with the metal spring bows that hold them shut or open. These were the main reason I bought the vest. I've used it exclusively since I bought it maybe 6 to 8 years ago. I think you will really like the vest and I did find it easy to carry the Alpha 100 on the chest strap by just sliding the spring clip over the left chest strap, antenna outboard angled up a bit. I think you'll like the vest. It is easy to get a bird in there and has a little backpack like compartment on the upper back area. I find it large enough for a small first aid kit. If you want more storage, you should look at the WingWorks vests that are modular. You can selecct the compartments, shell pouches, waterbottle holders, water bladder, etc..

I have my Alpha in a protective rubberized fabric clambshell, called a Gizzmovest. Kind of a semi-rigid thing with what feels like Rhino bedlner on the outside, with a metal clip on the back and a lanyard. I've found it secure and it has the lanyard as a backup. I can recall one or two times the lanyard has saved me from loss when the clip slid off. Good product and now available from Gundog Supply.

I'm planning to do some hunting possibly up in the NE corner of MT this season if its any good. So, just a few weeks ago, I bought a new vest from Q5 in AZ. I wanted something without orange for this one. I picked their Rimfire model. It looks good. High quality, but doesn't have the spring metal bows in the pockets to close them. I do have an old shell pouch that has that feature than I may adapt to it.

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