Quail hunt video


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Nice video, what was your mix of dogs and did they all back Indy?
We had my two setters. Indy pointing, Rock the bigger GSP and Tuck my young setter both backing. There was another GSP Bella there, I was not sure where she was, but most likely backing off to the left.

I love long ranging setters. Indy looks like a good lead dog to have in the pack.
Indy is a long range setter. I often have him pointing over 250 yards. I have had him pointing over 800 yards several time. Its great for quail, prairie chickens, Sharptail and Huns, but pheasants tend to run off and need to be relocated. But Indy tends to find the majority of the birds because he is very experienced and is nearly always the first to the likely looking cover. But Indy will back instantly at distance as well.

If you can't tell I really like Indy a lot :D

Cool video Steve, I knew that covey was going to flush when you tried to cross the fence.
I knew there had to be birds there, and once Alan got there I figured I would see if I could get across the fence. Didn't make it...

Alan and I have hunted a fair number of times together, and we have had a tendency to shoot the same bird. So I changed birds that I was going to shoot. That first bird on the left that went high was the one I was going to shoot, but Alan ended up shooting it. :thumbsup:


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Indy the covey finder! :thumbsup:

I was Sharptail hunting a number of years ago with a guy that had a setter like that. It's a real treat to see that white speck some 400 yards across the prairie standing like a statue, while you make the trek down to flush the birds. Simply awesome !!!


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Thanks guys.
There are few things more fun than going out with the dogs after birds. It never gets old.


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All the dogs look great but Indy looks like a rock star. Thanks for sharing the video, I noticed as soon as you grabbed the barbed wire the covey flushed.:thumbsup:


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Thanks, but good breeding has a lot to do with what you see :D
This is my girl on the left (the Akita)

She's amazing, really friendly and has a high prey drive.

Akitas are bred to hunt but the breed is notoriously stubborn though, she won't listen if she's on the trail.

My last option is maybe trying an e-collar :rolleyes:

steven vecchio

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Awesome dogs and video. I really want to get some good quail hunting in next year. Any general suggestions as to where to go would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

Rockford, Illinois