Pollinator habitat increasing Monarch populations

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Good tangible benefits like this could get the program expanded. Would really help address the shortage of nesting/brood rearing cover that has resulted from the last decade's CRP acreage reduction. Good news is that this cover is such high quality that the "productivity per acre" is excellent.

Been solid data out there for years that indicate 10-15% of the land that is under crop production in most of the corn & soybean belt only makes positive margins during periods of the highest grain prices. When are are we going to get smart and subsidize the identification and set aside of these areas instead of using the current inefficient/inadequate process? Many of these parcels are highly erodible and/or wet and getting undisturbed grass on them would really benefit our water quality issues. Throw in some additional $$ to get diverse plants like the Pollinator parcels in the mix and we can address the bio-diversity issues our current Ag mono culture creates as well. Win-Win for all stakeholders and given the economics around inconsistently profitable cropping areas it should come at a better price....