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Hello everyone. I moved to Visalia California from Minnesota about six months ago and I would like to go hunting this season. Can anyone help me out with some area around California or Mojave for quail and chukar hunting? What is the best area around here? I would be appreciated some helps thank you everyone

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Welcome to UPH and The Golden State! There's a lot of stuff down that way, especially if you get into kern county or over the hill in inyo. Places to start would be around Lake Isabella, Taft, Randsburg, Coalinga, Hole in the Wall and up in the lower elevations of the national Forrest. Buy some maps from forest service and BLM and go for it, another valuable source for info would be the "Western Birds" news letter but a lot of it is a bit farther south. We're still in a bad drought cycle and bird numbers are low but recovered a bit this year and you should be able to find some.:cheers:
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That's one heck of a move! How are you liking California so far? Did you find what you were looking for in regards to quail and chukar hunting?