New pup-resources?

My wife and I have a GSP pup on the way, we bring him home on May 15th.

I need to get him a good dog bed, some toys etc.

Whats the most hunter friendly online retailer to purchase from?


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Congrats!! That'll be so much fun! Lion Country Supply. I'll be honest. I'm not sure if they sell toys & stuff. They're heavy into bigger-picture items. But check 'em out!
(Their Dayglo collars are fantastic.)


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Congrats on the new pup! I may have a new pup This summer as well. Fun times ahead.
Ive been supporting Front Range Gun Dog. I really like their Tufflex collars. Lots of flexibility in them.
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I haven't shopped around after I found GUNDOG, but I've been at this business for quite a while and don't often need stuff. I AM still looking for younger legs; the ones I am currently using seem to be losing their git-up-n-go.

Be well, your life is going to have some fun stuff in it.