May Update from NE South Dakota


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I will be the first to admit that I thought the winter of 2018-19 was so hard and long lasting that the Pheasant numbers in our area would drop significantly. I was wrong. We have been seeing a good number of birds. With all the moisture we have received already this year the CRP and other grass lands are looking really good. I would expect the nesting cover is going to be the better than normal. We have been colder than normal but I believe we are suppose to get back to normal temperatures next week which will really help the Hens. The Hens are already getting into nesting mode. Another factor of having all this moisture is that I believe there will be more low spots or field edges that may not get planted which may also increase habitat instead of crops being planted from road to road. As a part time farmer, we have not been able to get into the field yet due to it being to wet. This is concerning, so when the it does dry out things will get busy fast. Good luck to all. SDviking