Lake Pocasse


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Please let me know if you have fished walleye in Lake Pocasse, in Pollock. A person could camp for free in the city park, fish the Missouri, or the lake, and jump across the border and hunt early in ND. Season opens early enough in ND that you have a pretty good chance of catching some nice weather for kayak fishing along with some hunting. I was gonna camp up near Ashley, and hunt west of there, but my dog has always wanted to fish the Missouri in the kayak. Thanks.

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Sorry, no input on Pocasse. But to me it's a no-brainer. Do both! Honor the dog's wishes first, of course. But make the trip to Ashley another time. Either trip sounds great.


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I travel through Pollock for work. I have never fished the lake but have fished the river several times. Lots of walleyes and some huge crappies in the area. Go for it and let us know how it goes.