Interested in hunting NH


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As mmentioned in the new members forum, newbie from southern New Hampshire. Second year hunting grouse, first year with the pheasants. I'd like to see if anyone in the Seacoast of NH would like a tag-along. I don't have a dog yet and I'd like to see the benefit of hunting over a dog vs the solo walking that I'll be doing for the next couple years. I'm assume that seeing good dog work will step up my planned schedule of raising a hunting companion (need to present a good argument to the wif!).

Looking forward to grabbing the experience of those seasoned uplanders that I know are on this board,



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Hey there Matt and welcome to the site:cheers:

This is off topic a bit, but I was wondering what the hunting "climate" is out there in NH? Do they have public hunting lands or is it a private prop. gig?



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Hi Nick,

According to NH Fish and Game, this fall 12,260 adult ring-necked pheasants will be released in all 10 counties during the three-month season (Oct through DEC) an average of 140 birds per site.

There are at least 3 public sites within a 30 minute drive for me on the Seacoast.

We'll see! Thanks for the welcome...