Good Trip Part 2


Got Home late Fri. Eight fun days in MT.
1 windy day, 1 rainy, windy day otherwise perfect weather, frosty mornings and cool but pleasant sunny days.
Couple hunting areas had fair numbers of pheasants but very young, not a good thing for cold weather survival.
HUNTERS! WOW! never seen anything like it anywhere.
That area around Plentywood/ Froid would rival anywhere in SD opening weekend pheasant season.
The public camping area at Froid reminded Me of MN State Fair RV parking lot.:eek::eek:

How was the hunting in that area? Couldn't tell You, I got the heck out of there.:cheers:

That being said, I got into one some of my out of the way areas, Had possibly my best time/hunts ever.

I took a hundred or more pics.
Coming soon.


Opening day, Hard days hunt, lots of walking, produced about a dozen flushes roosters hens total. Young birds.
Sharptails were plentiful but very wild.



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Nice to see someone with birds

Been out 3 days since opening weekend and cover lots of acres. Dog put up a total of 4 pheasants, 2 hens he pointed and 2 roosters flushing wild. My Griff hunts hard and its disgusting how our pheasant population never gets any better west of the divide.


Day 2, more young roosters, at the same location as day 1, different direction.
8-10 pheasant flushes and lots of wild Sharpies.
A teal for the mixed bag.Mallards for what ever reasnon were scarce in the area?


Day 3, Woodsters turn. 16 month old Britt acts like He's been hunting for years.
Into the native grasslands, was a bit surprised to come across some big, mature roosters. :)
I was 3 for 3 on the roosters. Missed a few Sharpies to get the limit.:eek:
Yeah! It was a good day. :cheers:

This by the way is at my Camp on the Prairie, Probably my favorite spot in MT.
Flowing clean water, and no hunters for miles.



One last pic for this trip. Nice mature roosters.
I ate all my meals on the prairie, takes some camp meat.:)
I'm off again on Thurs, State wide general deer, more birds too.:cheers:



By the way, I've been asked a few times if I hunt private, closed to the public areas?
Although I will NOT give the locations.
This trip was all on a combination of private and public.
All walk in, and all 100% open to the public.:cheers:
great pics wayne i wish i was able to hunt MT this season sounds about the same as MN but you can get into sharptails in MT to add to the hunt!!!

also that a boy wayne be a man & hunt public land!!! the only way to do it in my eyes no $$$ needs to exchange hands to have a great hunt!!!

we need to get out 2 young dogs out hunting together wayne??? my girl is coming into her own as well she was hunting like a vet yesterday hunting a little farther out in the grasses & close in the cattails & get n birds up & pointed for me in all terrain wish i shot a little better is all i could ask for!!!


Thanks, I don't understand either why so many hunters need to see tons of pheasants. Limit is 3 a day no matter.
Reading SD forum it's like, "if I don't limit by noon it's bad hunting"
Come to MT if You don't limit out on roosters by 12 miles of hard hiking it's bad hunting.
For instance, if I get a chance at 6 roosters in a hard days hunt for for me and the pups, it's great, I'll go back. :cheers:


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Looks like a great season makes me a little sad because I am not there. One of these years I am going to stay for pheasant season. I love the long legs on that Brittany you have looks like a speed demon. I have a few like that myself.



Oh yeah Woodster is a speed demon. He sure does cover the ground.
Learns a lot from His 4 year old chocolate best friend.
Dang good team, lots of fun!:thumbsup:
MT sounds alot like MN pheasant hunting more & more wayne lol 6 roosters a day like you said you only need 3 so the other 3 are for the next day!!!

i my self have not got into enough birds in my life so i need more then 6 birds a day mostly due to my poor shooting most the time!!! id drop maybe 1-2 oit of 6 roosters a day i guess i catch and release alot of pheasants ill admit that!!!

looks like a great area no matter the number of birds u maid ur bird contacts count by the looks of the pics happy u & the dogs had a solid hunt out west wayne!!!


I mostly shoot an old pump 12. I get 3 shots off pretty dang fast. :eek:

Many! many! times, I think after:confused:
How the shyt did I miss. All three, straight away and all. :cheers:

No problem, I leave plenty of seed. :eek: