dakota weather


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Sounds like the Dakota's are getting slammed with winter weather!!! Interstate closed around Mitchell, SD. Can't be good for the carry over birds and this Falls bird population.


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It's not to bad except for one thing--freezing rain up to 1.2 inches on everything in far eastern SD--central and south central SD it was .2 in of ice and 6-10 inches of snow and it's not over yet. Did see a couple of roosters walk thru the shelter belt back of the house this afternoon and they looked just fine :10sign:

Uncle Buck

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If we can open things up tomorrow the birds should be by and large ok. I see 4 hens and a rooster every day at my neighbors. They were headed to the cedars Tuesday nite and that may be what saved them. Pretty smart. They are picking pretty hard for food as there is two,three inches of ice under 6" of snow in my hood. Alittle ways sw they had 12". Sioux Falls is a mess. Some streets you cannot drive thru without dodging the branches.

Headin west

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Looks like south central ND is going to get the brunt of this next storm. I know the moisture is needed just wish it would be rain.