2018 All done


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was able to hit SD twice this year which is the first time I've been able to do so, we usually wait late season and just do one 3 day trip. we hunted within 20 miles of woonsocket all public stuff with one quick hunt on our family's piece of thin CRP. we did try hunting south of I90 SW of Plankinton for a half day but that area had alot more pressure, woonsocket still had a fair share of pressure as well vs other years, i suppose the nice weather helped.
the birds were bunched up, our biggest flush was maybe 15-20 jumpy birds. still plenty of opportunities, hoping next year is another great spring and CRP production year. Our private stuff took a hit last year so it was pretty thin, and after the snow storms the birds have to go elsewhere.
new years eve there were some nasty winds/snow, we walked into one area and did manage one bird but turned around as we couldnt see and felt bad for the little buggers.
Until next year, still cant believe the season is over!