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Very nice looking avatar! Male? Female? Breeding?
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5 stand
My goodness thank you very much for the kind comment.
We'll see if I can make a dog out of him. I haven't killed a wild bird over him yet. If he turns out to be a decent dog I may want a pup out of him. I'll keep you posted on his progress.
Prairie Drifter
Prairie Drifter
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5 stand
Thank you, Troy I'll save your email address.
I see you live in fritch, im in borger. Would you happen to know anybody that has a 2 hole dog box for sale? My number is 806-626-3250
Hey man, I saw your post from a few years back on hunting sage grouse. I am wanting to scratch a boomer off my bucket list this year. I am from Kentucky and like you I am
Going out there blind as a bat. Just wondering how the dogs feet held up and if you have any pointers for a Kentucky greenhorn. I can reciprocate in the form of hun and sharptail spots in Montana. Or pratie chicken, sharptail and phez. Spots in Nebraska. I take three trips per year out west, and have made friends far and wide. Thanks for any help
In advance.
Hey man, I saw your posts on ultimate pheasant hunting. I have been hunting out west for a few years now, several years in southeastern Montana, a couple in North Dakota and last year hunted Nebraska on a couple different trips. Last year my goal was to bag a prairie chicken, this year I am wanting to possibly scratch sage grouse and chukar off my list. I was just wondering if that would be possible for a couple guys with 5 or 6 decent dogs to do on a week long adventure in Wyoming. I live in Kentucky so the farther east in Wyoming the better for me as far as travel goes, but I realize I have to go where the birds are. Thanks for any insight in advance. My name is Taylor Clayton.
Hey Merry Christmas! Yes I would hit any and all in the beaver city and oxford area. Get the stubble maps. On sheet 26 there were 2 large areas of milo fields with draws and plum thickets. We saw birds at every place we stopped. Just north of Edison on the north side of us 6 there are 2 red circles stacked on each other we saw good number of pheasant there. Hope you have a good trip!
Hey man, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but myself and two older family memebers are heading out to the oxford area to hunt quail and pheasant the week after Xmas. I was just wondering if you tried any of the public areas between oxford and beaver city. They look good and I have some private ground around wilsonville that has been productive in the past. Just wondered if any of the walk in was worth a shot on the travel to and from oxford and wilsonville. Thanks in advance.
I don’t know exactly where you are, but if you get over around beaver city, you should have more luck finding a mixed bag. West of mccook, between Culbertson and Trenton are lots of pheasants.
Hey goosemaster name is Brandon I’m from Ky and new to the forum. I’m a rabbit hunter only and for the past couple of times coming to Kansas we hunted the mine lands in the southeast part of Kansas. Well this year we were hoping to kill rabbits and maybe even get into some birds as well, so we was thinking about glen elder, Wilson, and Smokeyhills. My question is, How is the population in these areas? I’m hearing the flooding really did a number on things so I’m not even sure if the rabbits are there. We don’t want to drive any further out west because those areas are already 12 hours from us. Thanks for reading.
Hey bird guy my name is Brandon and I’m from Ky. I don’t want your spots or anyone else’s but me and my buddies are coming to rabbit hunt and wanted a chance to maybe jump some birds. My question is, is the numbers way down at Glen Elder or Wilson. Iv talked to biologist and he said the quail were fair just didn’t know what to expect. We don’t want to drive any further out west because Wilson and glen elder are far enough 12hours. Didn’t know if it would be worth it. Thanks
We were hunting Nemaha, Marshall, and Pottawatamie. Are any of the above counties you have heard good reports on?
Hey man, saw your out in Kansas. I’m heading there from Ohio end of the week. What area of that state are you in? I’m heading to NC area of the state
There’s a Heritage 2 hole dog box for sale on Facebook Marketplace in Breckenridge, Texas. The guy is asking $400 for it.
Hey Wyo, my name is Taylor and I am a bird hunting addict like most of the rest here. I am currently on my way home from Nebraska. I was able to get the Nebraska slam on my trip. Finally getting a prairie chicken. Next in my bucket list is a sage grouse. Gonna try next year to possibly make it out to find some. Was just wondering if the area around Sheridan would be good for sage grouse, Huns and sharpies. A mixed bag is always fun and exciting.