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Ive owned property at Chamberlain since 2000, Move to Garretson SD in October from NW Iowa. Glad to help if I can. I love being a resident.

if youre into the outdoors, and clean living, SDis the place to be.

If I can help, or answer any questions, feel free to reach out.

I come to SD every year hunting prairie grouse & pheasants. I stay in Chamberlain. Nice little town w/ nice people. it is the highlight of my hunting season.
Hey Ken, been missing you on the forum. Hope life isn't getting too complicated.

Take care. Someday, I'd like to talk with you.
Love your dogs!
I am looking at getting a Vizla. Any suggestions where to start?
The birds won't stand a chance with a Vizsla/Lab combo. ;). Expect to pay $1000 give or take in ND and $1200-1500 in SD, MN or MT.
Willow came from Champions Vizsla. $1500. Roscoe, SD. I would go back.
Considered Anderson Kennel. Mitchell, SD - timing for us wasn't right.
Ellie came from Doran Link, in Golden Valley, ND - just a mom/pop hobby on the side.
If you report to KDWPT ag activities inconsistent with hunting, like grazing cattle, it may contact the operator. Of course, that may annoy the operator and result in the withdrawal of the land from the WIHA program. Once in NE I encountered cattle on a piece of walk-in on opening day of the season. I called it in.
Well, you are going to love this one. NRA American Hunter for January just came out. Feature article is "There's no place like Kansas" and it is all about the deer. Isn't that hot spotting?
Prairie Drifter
Prairie Drifter
News people often have little understanding of the damage they can do by such stories. It is stories like that that caused all the deer interest in the first place. Humans will be humans though and all too often the add fuel to the fire and direct undue concentrations on areas that cannot support the resulting pressure.
Was interested in the hunt, whats the cost, where you all staying. I was just out the the first week of Nov. I have 2 black labs, trained. One is a pointing lab.
I haven't hunted Gregory county but have east of there in Charles Mix. Check out the WPAs in between Armour and Platte. Road hunting is good in that area too. Gregory has some big Walk Ins that would probably be good for grouse.
No problem Hillbilly. If it's your first trip to South Dakota, yeah, you will definitely want to hit places off the beaten path. Western SD is really a gem in my opinion and you really get into the sharpies or prairie chicken. I know on tribal land, you need a tribal guide. It's unbelievable hunting (I have been told).
I've only hunted private land up in Bison, SD, Lemmon, SD and Timber Lake, SD... lots of pheasant, sharpies and occasional prairie chicken. Eastern SD is really getting farmed heavily these days and the lack of CRP is really killing pheasant populations. You may want to ask about reservation/tribal land and hiring a guide on this forum or see what you can find online.
It sounds like that could be your best bet, but I can't say I've ever done it. I could help, but my time these days is so limited with my work. I happened to see your post, I just wanted to let you know that Gregory public land gets trammpled on pretty heavy as resident opener and youth opener is before non-residents get in the state - I was a SD resident for 5 years.
I also saw this post about swapping hunts. I would love to visit with you sometime about this. I live in western Kansas, and am fortunate to hunt pheasant all season long. I have always wanted to hunt hogs.
Heading back to Huron Wed - 19 hr drive. I too hunted in the heat, 85 one day. There were 4 guys, 5 dogs. Hunting around Huron for 26 years. I was concerned as dry as its been scenting might be a problem. This will be my first time when its just me, my 3 Brits. If you don't mind me asking, you focus on smaller narrower public or hunt the bigger public areas too? Thanks and I'll let you know how my single hunt goes.
Hunted 4 days, comfortable temps. Still some ice but not cold enough to walk on. Not many hunters in the motel. Birds were starting to bunch up, several times a group of 6 or 7 together. Saw more birds when driving than I did in November. Plenty of opportunities to limit, even got a bonus prairie chicken. Will try to go back in January. Thanks again for the info.
Glad it went well. Lucky to get a prairie chicken, I’ve never seen one. Wish I could get out there once more this year but out of vacation. Good luck if you make it back. Happy holidays.
I had never seen a PC that close to Huron. Only times I've gotten into them was 30 miles west of Huron. I'll try to make another trip in January if the weather cooperates.
Two things. One I also have a vizsla. The second is what county or town would be worth a shot in SE Iowa. I am coming from Indiana. I have been to a friends private ground near Alpha and just got back from SD. Looking for a shorter drive but not afraid of thick cover and hard walking.
scott county vizsla
Most of my hunting is in Clinton county. All public areas do require non-toxic shot, even if not posted. Gun season for deer is the next two weekends, so bring plenty of orange and avoid parcels with trees. Bird numbers are starting to get a little thin with the extra pressure this year, if the weather turns bad that will probably help drive some more birds into the better cover and food plots on the public land.
Thanks. Looking for one more trip. Any recommended places to stay?
scott county vizsla
Super8 in DeWitt is probably your best bet, it's cheap, likely pet friendly, and will put you a lot closer to the public hunting areas than staying in Davenport. There is also an AmericInn in DeWitt.
hey, i will be a single hunter, with 1 dog (GWP) hunting that area and staying in Faulkton after the 28th.
i usually hunt solo, but am ok with 1 more dog and another hunter, safety first and all that stuff.
grew up in mid west, used to live in O'Fallon, long time hunter. give me a shout if you want to hang out for a day or two.

Thanks. Im trying to figure out what days I can get up there. I usually stay at the Faulton Inn. Have you found a better place?
Hey, I'm interested. Let me talk to the wife when she gets home from work. Will get back in touch with you. Thanks, Bryan
H Eric,
Congrats for finding a dog! Curious: where did you find your new puppy? referral? Blood lines?

Thanks, Jon
The breeder is Blue River Golden Retrievers in Beatrice, NE. The owner told me the blood lines. I’m not knowledgeable about champion dogs so the names don’t sound familiar. My nephew has one of their offspring and he backed up the info.

Saw your post for swapping hunts, I may be interested. Kind of tough to do this fall with such short notice. I do not own pheasant land , but have many farming /ranching friends with fantastic bird hunting here in NE Montana where I live. I also have a cpl pretty good bird dogs I hunt with. Let me know what you are looking for and when, thanks.