Youth hunter - looking for 410 non-tox shells

I know this is a long shot, my friends 10 year old son would like to hunt the youth opener for ducks and pheasants (we live in MT). However, we have been unable to find any steel or other non-toxic shot. Anyone have any leads or willing to sell a box? Yes, I realize he could use lead in many places for pheasants.


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Might have better luck finding ammo and the kid's success by getting (buying/borrowing) a youth 20 gauge.


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Not only is the 410 light for pheasants but it would be really light for ducks. I know, I started out with a 410 when I was 10 years old. I would have been much better served had I started with a 20 gauge. If recoil is an issue with the 20 you can always buy some low base loads. Plus you will have more non-tox options. Get the kid a 20 and don't look back. Good luck.


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I killed everything from rabbits to mallards & roosters with a Spanish-manufactured 410 double barrel with hammers (you could get them in any store from Woolworth's to actual sporting goods stores in the 60s-70s, wish I had bought several) from age 6-13. Now my nephew's boys are learning with that slick little shotgun. The two years from 13-15 when a well intentioned uncle bought me an ill fitting 20 gauge were a disaster.
I hated that shotgun. A silver-worn 1939 12 gauge Winchester Model 12 fell into my mitts when I was 15, and it was all I hunted & shot trap league with until I was 23.

The moral of the story is to not underestimate a kid with a 410. I don't know if non-tox 410 shells are even made, but there's always reloading...