Youth Hunt

Matt D

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Another year of guiding here for the local youth hunt put on by PF. I figured it up and pretty sure this is my 15th year of guiding for this. One of the highlights of my season to be honest. So far have ran both dogs by them selves and they are in good form for this early in the year. Below is a picture of my young dog Bailey and the two good shots that hunted with him today. The one on the left happens to be my daughters boy friend(damn I must be getting old). One concerning thing that I noticed last year and more evident this year is the lack of kids. It used to be we would be full from 8 am to 5 PM and have three groups every hour. Bet this year only half of the posts are filled. There is no cost to the kids other than their shells and food and drinks are also free. Maybe advertising could be better to get more but a little concerning.