Yellow Lab Male for Stud

I have a 3 yr old yellow male. English.Irish bloodline. I am looking for somebody with a yellow or black female to breed with. I would like the bloodline to be all yellow and black and English bloodline. I live in Marshall, IL and trying to find somebody relatively close.


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What I'm going to say here applies to all breeds not just Labs. Breeding is more than just finding a mate with a similar bloodline. If you are truly breeding to better the breed there is a lot that goes into it. Most people with a good, well bred female will be very selective regarding the stud. Is your dog register and do you have the pedigree? Has your dog's hips and eyes been certified? Make sure the same has been done for the female. I'm a firm believer that breeding be left up to the professionals. There are too many dogs out there being produced by "backyard breeders".

Here is a site that provides some very good info for people thinking about breeding Their dog.

Completely understood and I am on same page. Maybe I should not assume, but I did that anybody contacting me would be very selective as I will be. I am not looking for just a mate if I were I would not be on here posting. I can find 100 labs in my town to breed with. My yellow male has Strong bloodline, hunt drive, trainable, obedience, intelligence, health.


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I wish you good luck in your search. I had a very similar situation back in the 90s. It's MUCH easier for the owner of a good bitch to find a good stud than vice versa.

I had a very good UK line male Lab. VERY good. I never could find a UK line bitch owner that was willing to agree to the mating.

In the end, this dog was so well regarded by myself and my hunting partners that we bought a talented, mature UK line bitch and did the mating ourselves. That bitch was not inexpensive. However, that mating started the line that our group still owns and hunts with today. We have never regretted our decision.