Workout / train (humans, not dogs) for upcoming season

With fall seasons here or quickly approaching, what does everyone do to train themselves for the upcoming season? We spend so much time getting our bird dogs in shape but often fail to think about the shape we need to be in to hunt with them. No point in having the best dog in the world if we cant keep up with them or limit their ability or opportunities to hunt.

I personally am a bit of a health/fitness junky person and enjoy strength training year round. As fall approaches, I will incorporate in a few more exercises that develop my hip flexors, as those always seem to get worn down walking lots of cattails and thick grass. Along with lower body in general, glutes, hams, quads, through various strength exercises. I'm not a big cardio person, but I try to add in a bit more cardio work on a treadmill and add in some incline with it too.

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Up my calorie intake to build my fat reserve in case I'm stranded in a blizzard. I don't think I'd like the taste of springer & don't plan to find out. Ace thanked me for overindulging in pork loin & mac-n-cheese tonight. He told me he didn't think a 2nd helping of brussel sprouts would be beneficial.
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Check out this thread from last month.

Sorry for starting a new thread! I even did a search of the words "workout" and "train" before creating this one to make sure there was not a similar thread already going. However all I came across was dog workout and train threads, must have missed that one or it didn't have any of the words in it I searched.

I see that one is in the Bird Dog Forum. I may have just glanced right by it thinking it was specific to getting dogs in shape.
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I had a buddy who is a fitness major and his wife is finishing her PhD in fitness put some circuit training together for me taking into account injuries and being over 50. It has seemed to help. Specifically noticed hauling my duck sled full of gear and some of the younger guys stuff also. The circuit training and hiking and trail running with the dogs hopefully will have me ready. I can text or email. Just pictures of what he hand wrote. I had to look some of them up.


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Get ready for the season? Here is your answer. High intensity and low impact on the joints: (Air Bike). It's one of the best workouts on the planet. Additionally, I use a Concept2 Rower, Concept2 Bike and Concept2 SkiErg. I'm 6'6" with past sport injuries and all 4 of these machines will cater towards injuries, joint issues and will not sacrifice a sub-par workout. My 70+ year old parents are finally listening to me like I know what I'm talking about. Also Crossover Symmetry cables are a must to fix my shoulders for the time I spend on the computer.