Woodcock Flights


I'm located in southeast Wisconsin and wondering what you guys' thoughts are on the woodcock migration and its current status.

So far, I'm not seeing many fly through, then a gain, many say the second half of October is richer with migrating birds than the first half. I've been monitoring the temperatures up in the UP and Canada - seems like it's still rather warm up there with consistent 50 degree weather.
Thank you for sharing. Right on - hope you were able to connect with a few birds. Have yet to see much activity down here in SE WI. Keep us updated on your progress!


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Pine County MN peak is almost always between Oct 20 - 31. Few birds (locals?) before Oct 15th.


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We hunted Frederic/Grayling MI (LP) from Oct 14-19, grouse were thin but Timberdoodles were in, solid numbers, 15-25 flushes/session, aspen thickets and I mean THICK.
Most birds were along large tracts of aspen within 40 yds of forest roads, but we also hunted the backs and hardwood edges. We had good dawgs, eerbody hunted hard but we got birds.

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Usually last two weeks of October are the prime time for woodcock flights in northern lower Michigan. This year was no different, last good day with more then 15 points was Nov 1st. The old saying is "if you fall backwards and don't hit any aspen stems it is not thick enough. Good scouting tip is when traveling down two tracks stop at any puddle and check for doodle tracks. Another good year in Michigan.