~ Winter Training Images ~

Aye Mates,
Yesterday, Sunday 2/16/20, we had a warming trend here in New England with temperatures increasing to the upper 30’s, so my training partner Rick and I decided to get some retrievers out for some work. We had a nice day with focus on land work, though we did allow the dogs a dip in a frigid open stream which they had a blast in. The session allowed for all of the dogs to run together initially to both burn off some energy and to warm up their muscles for the drill work to come. Obedience work was emphasized throughout the session. Marked retrieves on land for the younger dogs (singles and doubles). The older dogs were drilled with some work on blind retrieves. The session ended with some work on “HOLD” conditioning for Rick’s younger dog “TURBO”.

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TURBO, MAC, REV, JACKSON, and TRAD are commanded to the “DOWN” position and must remain prone patiently until released by command.

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~ UNDIVIDED ATTENTION ~ The retriever trainees were commanded to SIT and LOOK throughout the session. Here, TURBO, REV, and JACKSON are seen giving Rick their undivided attention. Maintaining eye contact betwixt trainer and retriever(s) is an expectation formed via conditioning of the dogs we work with.

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~ TTF JACKSON LAD O’ CLOONFINISH JH ~ is seen working through a food plot. JACKSON is 16n months old and is developing nicely as both a gun dog and as a hunt test K9 athlete.

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~ GROUP REST ~. The retrievers are put at rest as a group throughout the session as a matter of obedience training. Dogs that can be controlled in this manner are much more enjoyable to work with, learn patience, and understand that the trainer / handler is in control of their movement whilst afield. In total, exercises such as this build cooperation betwixt trainer / handler and retriever. Each dog is learning that he is part of a team . Exercises such as these translate into retrievers that are a pure joy to hunt with.