Wild pheasants along the Red River ( Texoma)


I have been getting reports off and on for ten or fifteen years of bird watchers seeing wild pheasants around Lake Texoma. Wild pheasants in time can expand their range.

Every wild pheasant in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas originated from pen raised escapee, on purpose or accident. Each generation that get lucky and hatches in the wild is wilder and more wary of predators and people than the first generation.

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It takes a long time for truly wild pheasants to build up to a wild reproducing population. If wilded and more predator wary/alert strains of pen raised pheasants were released like the Manchurian ringneck, the Strauchi pheasant ( also called the Sichuan pheasant) or the Bianchi pheasant (also called the Afghan White-Winged pheasant) it would speed up the wild pheasant expansion process in that area.

That area have received good rain showers over the last three years and the green lush fields can easily support both pheasant and quail.
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Well, the way I see it; The prairie chicken is not coming back. Why not have the ringneck pheasant fill the gap left behind:thumbsup:
We hear them cackle when we are walleye fishing the Detroit river in the downtown area all the time. Drive 2 hrs. north to prime cover and they are scarce, go figure.