Western Wyoming Bird/Chukar Hunting


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I am fairly new to Wyoming I live in Pavillion and work as a teacher. I just recently got back into upland hunting as I now have a young griff. I was wondering if any new any good/public areas for hunting... I am pretty much interested in hunting anything that can be pointed haha. I have had some luck with pheasants this year I am hoping to diversify my options.. also anyone interested in trading training tips or possibly hunting in the future I would be interested. Thanks


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First of all Welcome to UPH. Glad to have you on the boards.

Your around the Riverton area correct.??? I don't know of any chukar hunting in that area of the state, but I maybe wrong. Riverton has Pheasants as you know.
If I where you I'd contact Wyoming Game and Fish. They will have the skinny on what your looking for. Chukars are found around the buffalo area. :)