UPH Hunt in South Dakota


If it would work out sometime, would be fun. I am available anytime after end of Nov. till season closes.
I will drive to South Dakota to meet anyone, if it can be worked out. I know time is one of the issues.


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It's tough to find a time that works for the majority but probably the tougher issue is finding a place to hunt. If someone has some land we could hunt that would be great. We would also probably have to limit the number of hunters depending on available land.

We did have a get together of some UPH members a number of years ago but we did it in April at the Minnesota Heartland Preserve by Granite Falls, MN.


I am open to anywhere. Just enjoy meeting hunters and their dog(s). I was thinking Pierre SD area, but open .There are so many public spots around. I went last January, by myself, no one else could join. I did ok. As long as I see a couple of birds per day and dog has fun, then it's all good.
I stayed at My Place in Ft. Pierre.