Unfired Remington 700 BDL Custom Deluxe 7mm Remington Magnum

This gun has been a gun-safe Queen of mine for years, awaiting the day I might hunt elk, mule deer, bears and moose…but alas, I’ve come to realize that just isn’t going to happen, as I’m nearing what will be a modest retirement income with plenty of shoulder, knee and ankle problems, and quite frankly, I’ve just lost interest in big game hunting. This gun has a beautiful stock and there is no dings or blemishes. It’s never been fired, and has never even had a cleaning rod run into it, so there is no tool marks dinging any of the metal. Although it has easily removable iron sites, it is also factory tapped for a scope, but none of the screws have ever been removed. I’d like $900 for this gun, and would like to keep it to a local Wisconsin sale within a two hour drive of the Manitowoc/Two Rivers area of Wisconsin, along the Lake Michigan coast. I will, however, be out in south central North Dakota for the last two weeks of October if someone would like to buy it while I’m out there. Anyway, here’s a couple photos, and I can take any specific photos that are requested and provide those to you if needed.


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I have 2 BDLs. Some had trigger problems. I had a 243 BDL go off when I pulled the safety off. I replaced both triggers with Timney Triggers. Just a heads up. Remington replaced triggers until they went bankrupt. There was a recall.
Well, in researching Birdman’s post, even though my gun has never been fired, a quick look at the trigger looks like it’s probably one of those XMP triggers that was under a recall, so if someone wants to mess with an after market trigger, I’d drop the price to $775 to help cover the replacement.
Thin, Nice gesture. We just don't want any our guys getting hurt,etc. BDL's are still great guns.
There was a lengthy thread about this here not long ago. I have a model 700 but its not within the time frame of the recalled triggers. But it definitely got my attention.
Gim, I never looked mine up. Mine misfired and that was enough for me. Got the other one fixed just in case. Safety is cheap....compared
If there is a moderator who sees this thread, he has my permission to remove it. I think everybody has pretty much been scared off by now.
Thin - the Remington trigger issue is a well known fact. Your price on that gun is more than fair. I think you are trying to sell to the wrong crowd is all. Leave it up and I bet someone comes along that buys it. Good luck with your sale.
Many forums don't tolerate any negative comments in their classified section, guessing the only reason it was left here is that we seem to be "self-moderated" for the most part. No need to add negative commentary to anyone's ad. If you can't say something nice....
Thanks for the comment but I think in this case the guys wanted to bring up a potential safety issue, so their commentary wasn’t malicious in nature but rather a justified warning. After researching their claim and finding their claims to be truthful, I couldn’t stick to the original price with a clear conscience. Having said that, there is some evidence that a percentage of the rifles with unintentional fires had triggers which were manipulated or modified by their owners or gunsmiths, and the given the numbers of rifles out there compared to the numbers of cases of unintentional fires is quite small. Regardless, the right thing to do is to come down on price to help cover a new trigger. This is a very nice rifle with beautiful wood, and a smooth, jeweled bolt. If a guy wanted to put a new trigger in it, this will make a fine big game rifle which has never been fired or carried in the field.