Tipperary Motel in Buffalo SD


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Im going antelope hunting out there this Fall and am looking for a motel. Anyone know of this place with positive or negative feedback? Anything else nearby that you would recommend? Dont need a 5 diamond resort but dont want to get Ebola flesh eating disease either.

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Well, reviews online make the Tipperary look OK. And don't be concerned w/ Ebola. We don't have that here, although beware. Pheasant phever is quite contagious.
(and I know I've shared this before, but here's a reminder of what those west river antelope look like)
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I drive thru Buffalo occasionally. It appears a bit dated, but clean. Looks like a mom n pop motel. I would be more concerned about what YOU may bring from Illinois , then what awaits you in Buffalo.


Nice little community, salt-of-the-earth people. Typically good antelope numbers in the area. Nothing to fear in Buffalo unless you shoot your mouth off to a cowboy in one of the watering holes. Or perhaps if said cowboy reads an internet post where you mention the possibility of contracting a disease from the local residents.


You think we're serious? Just wait til you show up in Buffalo. Those Harding County boys will likely be keeping an eye out for you, and they're a pretty salty bunch. Could turn out to be a very unforgettable trip for you.

Never a sound strategy to insult your hosts prior to your arrival. Better to wait until afterwards, once you're across the state line, to do that.

Just sayin'....