~ The Dog Whistler ~

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One on one
He walks by their side
A builder o' trust
A painter o' pride
He has his ways
He follows his plan
A gun dog is forged
One dog, one man
He works each day
He builds a team
A gun dog made
A hunter's dream
Through loving care and dedication
His training plan, a meditation
Skills to each, he does impart
He gives them his soul
They give him their heart
A labor o' love, he builds the fire
The prey drive is honed, t'is pure desire
A love for dog, for gun, for bird
To each o' them
He gives his word
Give me your heart, your effort , your best
Lend me your trust, I'll do the rest
On land and water
Through field and glade
Our time well spent
A gun dog is made

~ Mike Enright ~ ☘🇮🇪🇺🇸

~ Image by Lisa Enright ~
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