Thanks captaincooter


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Thanks captain for allowing me to hunt with you and your group..yes there is birds in iowa lol..i got to hunt with a great bunch of guys and some of there dogs...i had fun and enjoyed every minute of it until..... hmmmmmm i got wet was walking across river or creek going to some cattails stepped on ice heard it cracking so lightily i walk back well the ice broke has i took step back and in I went.I did get out on my own but wasnt happy after i got out i looked at my phone to see what time it was it was only like 11:30 im like man my day is done as im all wet grrr... well needless to say a new pair of jeans washed my shirts we was back in i get out im just soakeing wet here comes captain walking towards me we meet up and i told him i fell in.. well he called a ride to come get me and him as there was like a 5 mile walk to captain ended up wit 2 he shot one and his dog killed one..his dog got 3 he gonna eat good lol..them birds was flying around us,some was sitting very tight we did see alot of birds both hens and roosters..i hope to have another hunt with these guys sometime again maybe opener.......

thank you for taking me.. even if i am very sore today lol i enjoyed it and best of all it wasnt too cold,wasnt windy it was just a perfect day to be out hunting roosters


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Good for you. Sorry you fell in, Things happen. LOL:rolleyes: Coot Good for you for stepping up. Your a good man Captain.:)
I enjoyed myself Alan:thumbsup: You are good company and are very dedicated to your quest for your first rooster. We all took the polar plung that day the joy of cattail hunting. So proud you didn't call it quits. I think your right earlier hunting is better:). If it looks any good next year and I have free time one more time but lets try grass hunting:D Me and my dog are sore too. Browndog only gets roosters:D He'll only points so long before he takes matters into his own PAWS and mouth:D You seen me shoot one so don't let blackcloud tell everyone I'm a bad shoot. Blackcloud maybe you should put some of my Fox Pee suntan lotion on so them yotes won't be scared of you:D