Survival Rate and Storm Toll


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wondering how rough it got up here the last few weeks? i know the extreme cold must have caused some mortality....any observations?


Hey, well, it's finally warming up here and melting a lot! Thank the Lord! As to the winter toll, really can't say, but I'm sure we lost more than a few this winter. The cold must have stressed them and the snow cover was deep enough where finding feed was hard. We lost a lot of cover last year due to the drought, so that didn't help matters. A lot of the cattail sloughs were snowed in as well as the tree lines. On the positive side. I have been seeing a lot of hens on the roads, so that's good. Just too early to tell overall. If we have a good nesting season, I think we'll have about the same amount of birds as last year. And last year wasn't that good. Only time will tell on this one. Fingers crossed!