Steel Shot for Upland Birds


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I know on Fereral Waterfowl Production Areas steel shot is required, any other federal or stste lands that require steel shot for upland game?


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Steel is only required on US WMA's in MT. Lead is legal on all public and private lands as of now, who knows for how long though.


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Federal Refuges, Wildlife Management Areas and Waterfowl Production Areas. I've seen some waterfowl project areas done by Ducks Unlimited that I bet has some federal money involved that I would imagine would also have those limitations but I don't remember seeing any obvious signs. I'd imagine if you check at the closest federal area with a headquarters to where you are hunting they could give you the best info that you can rely on.
I know of no DU project that requires steel shot unless on a WPA or Refuge. CMR Refuge is one of the few that doesn't require steel shot. Still easiest to just shot steel shot, IMO. :)
most if not all WPAs are federal im not aware of any state owned WPAs all federal...

ive seen 3 DU habitat inhancement areas & 2 didnt require non toxic shot for hunting all the upland game on them... 1 did so im not sure what the standard rule is...

WPAs always require u to shoot non toxic we all no that... thats good if MT make guys shoot non toxic on there WMAs also one day we will have to shoot all non toxic im already making the switch i shoot mostly HEVI SHOT & STEELE & STEELE/NON TOXIC BLENDS nowdays man they hit so much harder well HEVI shot does