Started pointers for sale

Hey all. I've got several started GSP's for sale and also a few finished (force broke, whoa, whistle trained, collar conditioned etc) for sale as well.

All these dogs get tons of live bird exposure due to the location of our kennel on our 1,100 acre controlled shooting area here in the Loess Hills in Tekamah, Nebraska. Many of these dogs have been used as guide dogs they have pointed and retrieved LOTS of birds while clients shoot over them.

Spring is here and summer is close and we have several litters coming our way and we need to find this stock homes...

I'm writing here because I know these dogs will get into hunting families and will be used. I just sold a black and gray patched and ticked started female to a couple in Missouri for $1000: a BEAUTIFUL close ranging sweetie. We were asking $2k, but THE PUPPIES ARE COMING and we only have 2 dog trainers in the 45+ Orvis endorsed dog kennel.

Spring is training time. Get in touch if you are in the market.

Here is the kennel: