~ Some Dogs Can Fly ~

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TTF JACKSON LAD O' CLOONFINISH JH ~ JACKSON is seen "flying" during a recent training session focusing on multiple water marks.

Aye Mates,

~ TTF JACKSON LAD O' CLOONFINISH JH ~ Now nearing 17 months old, JACKSON is consistently demonstrating ever increasing skills related to his work as both a gun dog and K9 hunt test athlete.

The focus and intensity exhibited by JACKSON is a constant during our training sessions and is viewed in these images during a session inclusive of both land and water work conducted yesterday.

Our water work consisted of multiple marked retrieves (doubles) on the water, long sends across land to water entries, angle entries, diversion birds, and land - water - land retrieves. Cheating land on return was attempted once, corrected, and was not repeated for the remainder of the session. JACKSON is a strong marker on both land and water. All deliveries to hand were made in classic style.

Land work for JACKSON consisted of long drives to a pile of bumpers, three directional casting, multiple marks (doubles) both short and long, and diversion birds.

Additionally, JACKSON was steadied by his handler in honoring other working dogs. JACKSON was worked off lead during honoring drills and did not break from his handler's side during the entire drill.

Our current plans are to campaign JACKSON early this season in earning his HRC Started Hunting Retriever Title, he currently has an AKC Junior Hunter Title. JACKSON will continue intensive training in preparation for running in HRC Seasoned Retriever and AKC Senior Hunter stakes and will be campaigned in that regard when I consider him ready / competent to do so. Swim-by conditioning and solidifying work on cold blind retrieves will be determining factors as to when he will be ready for those stakes. Lots of work on "walk-up" hunts and live flyers will be incorporated into our training sessions going forward.

Given that JACKSON has been conditioned to be steady to wing, shot, and fall, we may run him in some HRC Upland Hunter stakes this season as opportunities to do so present themselves.

JACKSON is a retriever that is a real pleasure to spend time with and is a great companion dog anywhere he goes. JACKSON'S potential as a field performance gun dog is sure to be seen as his training and hunting opportunities come along. Still a very young retriever, he has much yet to learn, his intensity for birds and his love of training will carry him far.

JACKSON is out of the selective breeding program of Haynes and Colleen Floyd of Double TT British Kennels in Sylvia, Kansas.