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6" - 12" plus so far across most parts of southern ND. Drifting big time with the wind. It is most certainly sticking. East of the Missouri river is over all worse than SW ND, but there are some bad pockets out there also.


Hey all, well this storm is a bear! Where I'm at we got 14" as of yesterday, plus it snowed again last night (and it's still snowing as I type this). We're supposed to get another 2 to 3" today. And of course Opener is today, but with the snow and winds at 25 to 35mph, I don't think many are going out. The snow is also drifting, that ain't good either. IMO, this will effect the birds somewhat. The snow should be gone by next weekend (will see!). But then, the roads will be sloppy as all get out. It may be awhile until things get back to normal. As far as the harvest goes, it's going to be a while also. We got so much rain here the last couple months, the ground is so soft that the farmers/ranchers can't get into the fields. They more than likely will not get the corn in until it freezes, so your looking at a lot of standing crop until November I would say. In short, I'd like to add.......this SUCKS!!!!!!

Here's a couple pics I took today from my front door

Good Luck all!

Well I 'm certainly glad that I decided not to head down until later. But than my decision was based on the premise that it would be too warm for my dogs. Go figure. Hope it straightens out soon, now I have to go mow the lawn.


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Just talked to one of my Friends who farms in Stutsman County. They got hammered. Says well over 20+ inches and still currently snowing. Crops in his area 90% unharvested. Ive lowered my expectations for this year.


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Northern Stutsman county was just south of the epicenter of the snow storm. Highways 36 and 200 through that area just opened up this evening.