Snow Day

Got a snow day from work and at it again. Met up with my buddy Chris for a cold afternoon hunt. Could have done a little better but still getting into some young birds that we decided to let fly. Got some good dog and managed to bag these 2.
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Good few days of hunting. Just got back from ND doing some snow bird hunting myself. Have often considered trying to scratch a Missouri rooster off of my list. Always thought it looked quails along I-70. Good looking vizlas!
It was a good snow day for sure. I'm glad we got out! See you in Kansas in a couple weeks to hopefully bag my first KS rooster.
Sounds like a plan. I like how Suede and Jasper didn't want to put their buttholes on the cold tailgate! (Sitting on their feet in the pic) I guess I wouldn't either but Piper didn't seem to mind.
Went out with my dad for the first time this year. Got a good ole mix bag. A few quail, 1 pheasant short of a limit, and a woodcock that forgot to migrate. Got in some good dog work. Had a puppy that was her first time out. Some of the quail were young so they held well for the dogs. Still letting them fly and trying to pick out the big ones only. Getting harder to tell because they are getting older but they still chirp like a sparrow when they first get up, not as furious of a wing burst either. Two of the roosters were young, one dropped in a pond for a nice retrieve, and one was an older bird. Getting nice weather to hunt in so far, hope it stays this way.
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