Snake Season


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Guys I just wanted to offer a friendly reminder. As summer is drawing to an end and we all start getting ready for the fall be careful of the snakes. Last year my dog got bit by a water moccasin, it was in early September and he was laid up for almost two months (wasn't sure if i was gonna be able to take him to SD). I know a few of the upcoming field trials are getting ready to kick off and would hate to see someone's dog end up like mine or even worse!

Best of luck this coming season!


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Yeah, I've run across them almost any month down here. That's why I kill every one I see. I always carry at least a .38 when outdoors mainly for that reason.


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Any day where the temp is above freezing ... (so everyday) is snake season.

I used to see copperheads curled and asleep on small levies and berms on cold, sunny days.