Skid Plate advice for Barbed wire


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500 dollar vet bill and my dog being out of commission for a while got me to thinking it might me time to invest in the best skid plate I can buy. Any suggestions? My pup and I hunt alot of fenced lands and when he is bird hunting he tends to think little of the consequences. Thanks!!


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I never found one that covered the areas he has gotten cut the most.
The front of the front legs, chest and along the top of the back.

I made some by using an under armour type shirt and added some heavier fabric on the wear spots. Works very well. Any spot that gets a hole torn in it, sew some fabric over the hole.

Its not pretty it does reduce the number and size of cuts and wounds.


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I've used the Skid Plate for years. It's not perfect, but nothing is short of a suit of armor but it has helped & doesn't rub my dog(s).


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Take your dog out and teach it about fences:thumbsup: