Scaled Quail Success Footage!


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Great video. Me and the dog were just down that way last weekend camping/hunting and were able to find 2 coveys on the last day in the afternoon. A lot of walking but worth it once you finally find some birds. Live in Northern Colorado so it was our first time going after scaled quail but will definitely make it an annual trip.


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Glad you were able to find some coveys. It is very satisfying to work so hard and finally find some birds.
Another great video. Sorry your GoPro died. Would have been neat to see some scalies crash on screen.
Looks like you’ve found a good spot. Keep them coming.


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Thanks Uplandhunter67. My next goal is going to try and get some decent pheasant huntIng footage. Not an easy task this year in Colorado.
It is not an easy task this year. Birds have been wary and tough getting on close enough for a shot.

I have some old footage I took years ago then tried working with the camera again last year. Either the birds were jumping in front of my partner or I forgot to turn it on. I just went back to hunting and not worrying about filming.