Report on Hunt, Miner, Kingsbury and Sanborn


We (6 guys, 2 from Ohio and 4 from Virginia) hunted 6 days in the above counties. Very tough going for the first 4 days. Corn every where and all of the sloughs are full of water. Last two days significantly improved as one farmer started combining corn in earnest. This made hunting the CRP fun. We hunted one day on public with only one bird.

Note: We saw far fewer hens than usual. Not good.


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Our group hunted Beadle and Kingsbury County opening weekend with limited success. Opening day 5 of us managed 5 birds and the first 4 were shot within the first 15 minutes of the season. Sunday proved to be much better as we were only two birds short of 5 limits. We plan to head back to the same area in early December. Hoping the harvest picks up!! Where you hunting on public or private?