Quail hunting w dogs i southern AZ grass lands

Little Creek

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I would like to know what the conditions are for running spaniels in southern AZ grasslands. Do I need to worry about thorns and snakes in early February!


I hunted that area with my lab several years ago. Everyone warned me about the thorns and heat. But no one warned me about the sharp rocks. I am convinced there isn't one round rock in the state (not enough prec., to roll them around). After a half day of hunting my dogs pads looked like hell. He survived day two but wasn't able to hunt for several days after that. I made him dog boots out of some innertube, duct tape and vet wrap. I could find dog boots for him locally (Cabelas, etc). As I like to say "If you duct tape your dog together to keep hunting, you are a redneck"!

Thorns were minor issue for dog but long sleeve shirt for you is a good idea. Snakes aren't out this time of year from what I understand. Good luck if you go (I hear Mearns numbers are high).



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Good to know.
Also,Will be passing through NM for a couple days next week going to Az from Kansas, on Hwy 40, or 25 to 40. Is there any opportunity for quail on public land in the north, Lake Havasu Area? Have you ever hunted Nm? I will have my Brittany's with me and thought maybe it's worth a shot in the dark?

Any info most appreciated.
I haven't hunted NM but friends are headed there right now. I understand KS and OK have good bobwhite numbers this year. Not lots of public land but some and some walk in areas in KS.

Good luck with your trip!