Prairie grass education

I'm looking for a resource to get a better understanding of different vegetation seen while out pheasant hunting. Brome grass, switch grass, canary grass, horseweed, kochia, horsetail, rye, little bluestem, indian grass, etc. Is there a good single resource? I would just like to be better versed on what I'm looking at.


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Bob I will try to find something for you. The species you list is quite diverse. Switch grass is a valuable warm season grass where as kochia is a tough broad leaf weed.


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If you've got hunting dogs, you're definitely going to want to be able to identify Canadian wild rye, as its one of the " "mean seeds".


Just google any of the above and see what they look like....then internet is amazing. You can also download an app like "seek", you take a pic of the plant and in many cases it tells you what is magic.
Missouri Department of Conservation has a download for quail friendly plants that is pretty good, and many of these plants are throughout the pheasant range too:


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Here are several options:
A guide to and culture of Flowering Plants and their seed important to Bobwhite Quail by Walter Rosene and John D. Freeman
Pasture and Range Plants by Phillips Petroleum Company
Nebraska Weeds published by State of Nebraska Department of Agriculture Weed Division


Makintrax, that link to the quail plants, is a nice ID guide for a lot of the grasses and weeds you will encourter while hunting the midwest. Learned that several of the "weeds" I would often give a shot of Milestone to while chasin thistles, have seeds that are readily consumed by quail. Those might get a pass next season. I am a little far north for quail, but have seen a couple in the last few years. Thanks for posting.