Poisonous plants


The season is coming up fast. So who here is allergic to things like ivy, sumac, etc. Right now in my life I'm VERY allergic to sumac, It gets me bad about twice a year it always sneaks up on my when my guard is down. I've tried just about every remedy ( after I have it pretty bad ) from bleach, banana peals, calamine lotion, coffee, oatmeal and Epsom salt bathes. The best product I've found so far is a small white tube called zanfel. It's a wash/scrub.

So what have you guys tried or have found what works and what doesn't for pre and post exposure.

quail hound

Poison oak gets me good and the dogs and I find plenty of it. I use technu scrub if I know I've contacted some to keep it from spreading and hydrocortisone cream on affected areas.:thumbsup: